Marshmelts Pouches

Fluffy Marshmallows packed in air tight zip locked packs. Enjoy these delicious treats along with coffee, cookies and more

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  • vanillamist

    Vanilla Mist

    Enjoy the classic simplicity of our delicious and smooth Vanilla Mist marshmallows. Pure and sweet,...
    Rs.300.00 incl. 18% GST
  • Rainbow Apple Marshmelts Marshmallows

    Rainbow Apple

    Apple Marshmallows topped with rainbow sugar crystals is a unique combination of Fluffy marshmallows...
    Rs.300.00 incl. 18% GST
  • Marshmelts Marshmallows Orange

    Orange Tree

    Flavourful Citrus Orange Marshmallows, individually hand painted cubes using Natural Food Colours ex...
    Rs.300.00 incl. 18% GST
  • marshmelts_marshmallows_strawberry_pack

    Strawberry Pillow

    Delicate Pink layered on  Angel White Marshmallow with a burst of strawberry can get you dizzy when...
    Rs.300.00 incl. 18% GST