About Us


Marshmelts was born from the need to offer and relish fresh gourmet marshmallow to discerning clients in India. No more having to make do with industrially produced marshmallows from the west , which are atleast 6 months old before they reach shop shelves.

Here is an opportunity to taste fresh marshmallows made right here in india using the best ingredients and produced under the highest quality standards. Our production facility is licensed under FSSAI to ensure all food safety regulations are met for your benefit.

Marshmelts Marshmallows are painstakingly crafted by hand using natural food colours extracted from beet root , spinach , paprika and coffee.

Our 100% return policy ensures you can return our products back if you are not satisfied with the taste or quality of the product.

Marshmelts is a product of Passionate Perfection of making high quality gourmet Marshmallows and we are sure you would love our sweet treats along with your loved ones making memories to cherish in your life.